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Coffee beans / ETHIOPIA Uraga / 150g

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The taste has mandarin orange and black tea-like nuances with a light and sweet aftertaste. Please enjoy the taste unique to Red honey process.

The coffee is processed at the Zelelam washing station in the Guji Uraga area. Currently there are 10 fermenters and 215 African beds. The water used in the processing is also controlled by measuring PH level and TDS.

Region: URAGA
Process: Red honey
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2,095〜2,122m
Tasting notes: Mandarin orange, Black tea, Sweet

**Cautions about purchase and shipping**

・We will send you fresh coffee beans within 1-2 weeks after roasting.

・We ship every Friday (orders must be placed by Thursday, the day before).

・Please select "Bean" or "Grinded beans".

*We recommend that you choose the bean condition so that you can enjoy the coffee for a longer period of time. If you choose "grinded beans", please consume it as soon as possible.*

・If you choose "grinded beans", we will usually prepare with <grind for drip coffee>, but if you have any requests, please indicate them in the remarks column.