About us


"To deliver the original flavor, taste, and aftertaste"

Single origin specialty coffee

Craft chocolate making full use of the characteristics of different local cacao beans

Freshly made sweets with carefully selected ingredients

We hope "YARD" will be a new relaxing gathering place like a "yard" where people can visit anytime and for any occasion.

Our definition of luxury is to enjoy the original taste of ingredients.

Using ingredients carefully selected with our delicate sense as Japanese, we offer coffee, chocolate, sweets which enable you to enjoy the original flavor, taste, and aftertaste of ingredients.

In order to express the original fruit taste of coffee, our barista extracts in the best way for each variety of premium beans produced through the best process at selected plantations.

With our long time experience of pursuing the best taste of sweets here in Osaka, we create flavorful sweets with high quality ingredients.

Please enjoy freshly made muffins, tarts, baked sweets and glass desserts at YARD.