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Coffee beans / BLEND "a day" Classic Roast / 150g

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We consider coffee as a drink that we spend time with and that creates time. This original blend was created with our hope that it will be a coffee that will accompany you in your special days.

This blend is titled "a day" to welcome the day, enjoy the brewing and tasting time and the temperature changes, and to prepare for the day and spend it together.

The title will not change, but the selection and roasting of the beans will change regularly with intention.

We use high quality beans from a single farm as a filter, but our focus is not on "where the beans come from" but on "the overlapping flavors and aftertaste" that can only be experienced with multiple beans, and we hope you enjoy them.

Classic Roast Blend "a day”

Please enjoy the ever-changing taste every time.

*The label will change without notice each time.


**Cautions about purchase and shipping**

・We will send you fresh coffee beans within 1-2 weeks after roasting.

・We ship every Friday (orders must be placed by Thursday, the day before).

・Please select "Bean" or "Grinded beans".

*We recommend that you choose the bean condition so that you can enjoy the coffee for a longer period of time. If you choose "grinded beans", please consume it as soon as possible.*

・If you choose "grinded beans", we will usually prepare with <grind for drip coffee>, but if you have any requests, please indicate them in the remarks column.